Penicuik Hunter 2016 - William Brown

I have been living on the far outskirts of Penicuik throughout my life at Mount Lothian Farm. The Brownís on my fatherís side of the family have been living on the farm since 1945 and has been passed down from my grandfather to his son (my father) when he sadly passed away. Itís a part of Penicuik estate Iím proud to be from and will hopefully continue to be a part of. Most will say that farming is in the Brownís blood.

I feel so obliged to have the opportunity to represent Penicuik as its Hunter for 2016.

I was born on the 16th of January 1997 thanks to my mother and father, Yvonne and William who I share the same name with. I wasnít left long before my little sister Nicola came along and a while later but no means least my youngest sibling Lisa who completed the family. I started my education at Cornbank Primary School of whom I have to thank for teaching me all about Penicuik Hunter and Lass. I recently finished my time at Penicuik High School in 2015 which helped me gain the opportunity to study mechanical engineering at Edinburgh College where Iím currently studying. I hope to progress this career into university where I hope to get a degree in engineering.

In my spare time I like to relax and take my dirt bike out to clean, maintain and if thereís time then take it out for a spin. My hobbies include playing rugby for Peebles firsts, Edinburgh Agrics and Border Reivers. My rugby career began at Penicuik Rugby Club where I played for 7 years and Iím glad to hear itís still as strong as I remembered, nearly 9 years ago. I then progressed to Heriots Rugby Club where I played for 5 years and achieved u16ís player of the year. I then moved to Peebles Rugby Club where I currently play and have been given u18ís player of the year, this also came along with a golden opportunity to play regional rugby with Border Reivers. I also have other hobbies such as skiing, curling, hockey and dirt biking.

When I socialize I hang out with the young farmers and my rugby mates. I joined Peeblesshire young farmers 4 years ago because itís a friendly club with a lot happening such as competitions, concerts and many balls. I quickly became heavily involved in my first concert, making a YouTube video with over 26,000 views and winning the best newcomer award! Iím now proud to say that Iíve become vice chairman of the young farmers and hope to continue hanging out with this great family of people.

I was interested in applying for Hunter due to my familyís history with the celebration. My grandfather, William Brown was Penicuikís Hunter back in 1952 and my grandmother Marion Brown was Hunterís Lass in 1953. To this day we still have my grandfatherís Hunter horn which is an amazing piece of metal but most importantly pushed me to go for the position.

I have my friends to thank for pushing me to go for Hunter and to take up this opportunity that barely comes around. Itís a huge privilege to represent my home town that has shaped my life into what Iíve become and show this pride in many bordering towns. My Lass Kerry Wilson, and myself are looking forward to seeing all of you and your support throughout the year.