1936   Mr T. S. Aikman and Miss Greta Cunningham
(click for picture)

1937   Mr William Oliver and Miss Netta Wishart

1938   Mr Robert Lockhart and Miss Cora Robb

1939   Mr Charles Cant and Miss Helen Lees

1948   Mr Abe Clark and Miss Emma Paterson

1949   Mr Ian Menzies and Miss Nan Gallagher

1950   Mr Nicky Gibson and Miss Margaret Buchan

1951   Mr Alexander Stein and Miss Sheila Paterson

1952   Mr William Brown and Miss Margaret Liddle

1953   Mr Jeremiah Elliot and Miss Marion Flockhart

1954   Mr Alexander Mcintosh and Miss Margaret Williamson

1955   Mr Peter Robertson and Miss Mary Ramsay

1956   Mr William Fleming and Miss Maebeth Cuthbert

1957   Mr Tom Benson and Miss Ella Barnes

1958   Mr James Shaw and Miss Etta Mcpartlin

1959   Mr James Laughland and Miss Pearl Thomson

1960   Mr Robert Reid and Miss Hilda Sinclair

1962   Mr John Wilson and Miss Myra Aitken

1963   Mr James Archibald and Miss Fay Sutherland

1964   Mr James Henry and Miss June Ireland

1965   Mr William Turnbull and Miss Marjory Tait

1978   Mr Kenny Bell and Mrs Margaret Bell

1979   Mr Duncan Mccallum and  Miss Caroline Moar

1980   Mr Scott Mackay and Miss Alison Scougall

1981   Mr R Chard Mccurdie and Miss Jacqueline Hindle

1982   Mr Jim May and Miss Fiona Maclennan

1983   Mr George Delaney and Miss Hazel Johnson

1984   Mr Donald Mcintosh and Mrs Denise Mcintosh
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1985   Mr Arnot Hutcheson and Miss Susan Hankinson

1986   Mr Derek Wilson and Miss Julie Wight

1987   Mr Neil Beattie and Miss Maureen Shanks

1988   Mr George Marwick and Mrs Heather Mcleish

1989   Mr Colin Clark and Miss Lorraine Gray

1990   Mr Peter Middleton and Miss Roberta Mcmath

1991   Mr Matthew Wilson and Miss Sally Anne Mckinnon

1992   Mr Craig Munro and Miss Morag Slaven

1993   Mr Norman Brown and Miss Hazel Roberts

1994   Mr Craig Duke and -Miss Vicki Brown

1995   Mr Graham Blaikie and Miss Christy Browne

1996   Mr Stuart Thomson and Miss Susanne Dower

1997   Mr Adam Rankine and Miss Leah Farrer
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1998   Mr Robbie Sutherland and Miss Susan Mccarlie

1999   Mr Alastair Plews and Mrs Lindsay Moore
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2000    Mr Justin Woodyer and Miss Susan Murray
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2001 - No Festival due to Foot and Mouth

2002    Mr Derek Young and Miss Pamela Naysmith
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2003    Mr Ian King and Miss Angela Dalgleish
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2004    Mr Gavin Stephen and Miss Sarah Munro
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2005    Mr Mark Campbell and Mrs Carol Lumsden
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2006    Mr Stephen Cunningham and Miss Samantha Cunningham
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2007    Mr Paul Vallis and Miss Jan Banks
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2008    Mr Craig Walby and Miss Emma Meechan
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2009    Mr Gary Stenhouse and Miss Leigh Skirving
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2010    Mr Cameron Crawford and Miss Nikki Ramage
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2011    Mr Andrew Murray and Mrs Adele Munro

2012    Mr James MacDonald and Miss Lynsey Price

2013    Mr Daren Cogdon and Miss Sally Porteous

2014    Mr Craig Cherrie and Miss Lisa Henderson

2015    Mr Colin Hawkins and Ms Gillian Garriock